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Blue Mountain Woodlot Ltd.

Blue Mountain Woodlot Ltd. owns Woodlot #38, a managed forest. This woodlot is located north of Maple Ridge, BC and maintains an accurate inventory of tree growth that justifies harvesting an annual volume of 5,425 m3 from a land base of 400 hectares. In 2004 & 2005 almost 17,000 seedlings were planted. Harvesting is practiced in small clear-cut patches and by selective cutting. On average, approximately 150 loads of logs are harvested annually. Merchantable stands are 55 to 65 years old.

This woodlot is home to rabbits, deer, cougars, bears and coyotes. Birds are attracted to the cutovers because thick brush inter-mixed with conifer saplings provides an ideal habitat for nesting sites. Our bird surveys indicate that over 35 species of birds are now resident on the woodlot during nesting season. This is up from only 16 found on initial surveys at the time of commencement of our harvesting. Stream surveys for fish have also been completed.

Ninety-two permanent plots to monitor forest growth at five year intervals were established in 1987. Re-measurements in 1992, 1996 and 2002 indicate that total growing stock has increased since 1987, in spite of harvesting the allotment.

This woodlot is used by Junior Forest Wardens as a campsite - these youth have planted seedlings to help regenerate micro sites. One local resident is permitted to harvest moss for the florist industry and people are free to use the roads and trails for various outdoor activities year round.

Blue Mountain is committed to protecting the streams in Woodlot #38, which drain into the Kanaka Creek system, and has therefore partnered with the Kanaka Education & Environmental Partnership Society (KEEPS). Blue Mountain Woodlot Ltd. does its best to more than satisfy standards required by various government agencies.